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General Information

This program is in final beta test form. Please report any problems to

Developed by Hank Wallace of Atlantic Quality Design utilizing the Planet Waves ChordMaster chord library by Stephen Salerno and the ScaleMaster scale library written by Marc Schonbrun, Chordmaster/Scalemaster was designed to work best using Internet Explorer on the PC or Safari on both PC and Mac platforms. It can be run using Firefox on the PC, but there have been unresolved compatibility problems with Firefox on the Mac platform.

A handheld model of the ChordMaster library is available from Planet Waves. BUY NOW

An iPhone application for ChordMaster and Scale Wizard is now available through iTunes.

The Web Chordmaster and Scalemaster (WCM) helps you study and play new chords and scales to enhance your guitar skills. Combining ease of access with about 7,800 chords and 1,500 scales, the WCM lets you explore the complete library of guitar chords and scales, quickly hear how groups of chords sound together, and also how scales sound when played against the chords you select. Use the WCM to explore chords you find in sheet music, as a practice aid, and to create exciting new sounds that you can learn to play on guitar. You can also use this application to print out practice sheets for the selected chords and scales.

Playing Chords

To play a chord, select the Root and Variant of the chord from the drop down boxes. The chord appears on the vertical fretboard. Click Play to play the chord using the MIDI device inside your computer. Click the arrow buttons to move the chord to other fret positions on the neck.

Playing Scales

To play a scale, select the Root and Type of the scale from the drop down boxes. The scale appears on the horizontal fretboard. Click Play to play the scale using the MIDI device inside your computer. Click the arrow buttons to move the scale on the neck. Mouse over the clef, to see the notes of the scale selected notated on a staff.

Playing Progressions

Create chord and scale progressions using the area at the bottom of the screen. There are eight slots each for chords and scales. Each lights up with a menu when you move the mouse over it. Use the menu to add, delete, and move chords and scales. Buttons for playing chords, playing scales, or playing both together allow you to hear your progression in various ways. There is a button to allow ALL of the notes for a selected scale to be played for each selected fret position, or else to play only the scale notes starting from the root of the scale.

Suggesting Chords and Scales

A powerful feature of the program is its ability to use intelligence to match chords and scales that will sound musically interesting when played together. Click the Suggest Chords to find chords that are compatible with each selected scale. Click the Suggest Scales to find scales that are compatible with the current chord. Experts in music theory are the brains behind these associations, and all this power is at your disposal for free!

Custom Chords and Scales

Do you want to create your own chords and scales and hear how they sound together? Just click on the fretboard to add and delete notes from the chord or from the scale. Click Play to hear how your creations sound, or to make a progression with your custom choices.

Program Setup

Click the Setup button to control MIDI operation and to control chord arpeggiation.


Click the Help button for a detailed explanation of program operation, and to learn more about the team that produced this application. Disable the popup window blocker in your browser if the help page does not display.

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