Bright Side of the Loon

 by Shawn Patterson

Prior to joining one of rock history's greatest bands, guitarist/song writer David Gilmour was just another guitar player, riding trains like a hobo and looking to "rub two nickels together." His calling came in 1968 when he was asked to be an official member of the rock group Pink Floyd. His old friend and former Floyd guitarist Sid Barrett had, sadly, begun to show signs of mental illness and was no longer able to function. Gilmour had the difficult task of filling the gap left by Barrett, who left soon after Dave's arrival. Needless to say, Gilmour seized the band by the horns and forged Pink Floyd into the super group it became. With hits like Ummagumma, and the monumental release Dark Side of the Moon (an album which stayed on the charts for over 14 years), Gilmour's unique sonic approach and deft song writing skills have become an enormous influence and inspiration for countless six-stringers.

In 1978, Gilmour released his first solo album titled simply, David Gilmour, which is the era this lick is based upon.


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