Cold Damn Shot

 by Steph Lexner

In 1983, when the airwaves blasted David Bowie's hit "Let's Dance," the unexpected fusion of contemporary pop and blues guitar made musicians take notice. It was then that the Blues began to experience a rejuvenation it hadn't seen in decades. Guitar-based acts like The Stray Cats, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Robert Cray enjoyed heavy airplay on radio and television. This comeback has been attributed to the virtuoso guitar playing of the then- unknown Texas guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Prior to his death in 1990, SRV gave back to the blues with every note he took, stopping to tip his hat to the elder bluesmen who were his influences: Albert King, BB King, and Buddy Guy.

The real source for this SRV lick is pure Albert King, yet has become instantly recognizable with many players. Use the middle pickup of your strat to achieve this stinging tone.


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