HAPPY 2011!

HAPPY 2011! Brought to you by: guitar.com

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you guitar twanglers out there. When January hits - it's time for the National Association of Music Merchants Convention or as you may more formally know it as - NAMM. This is a convention of epic porportions. Consider it 4 days of Christmas morning for every musician on the face of the planet. Booth after booth of new gear, guitars, amps, mic, recording gear, EFX, software, workshops, artist appearances, on-and-on - and it doesn't stop after the show closes. With the night time hours, comes concerts, artist gatherings, company parties - it's quite an event, if you've never had the pleasure.

Well, Guitar.com will be on hand, with a video camera ready to provide you with wrap ups on the latest in Guitar Technology, Amplification, EFX and recording wizardy. We'll be posting on FB as well as sending out Tweets - so starting on Thursday January 13th thru Sunday January 16th, be sure to stop by and check in with us here on Guitar.com or visit us on our Facebook Page - or follow us on Twitter.

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