Genius Crackpot

 by Jamie Kime

Featured chord is an open Fma13/A. It can also be analyzed as a Bbma7#11/A, but the addition of bassist John Paul Jones’ F note underneath it leads to the “F” implication. It’s basically an open A chord w/ the fifth (on the 2nd fret, 4th string) and the third (on the 2nd fret, 2nd string) raised a half step, creating the opening chords of “ Ten Years Gone” from Physical Graffiti. The second half of the progression also sees use of an Amib5 – which again can be viewed as a simple A chord with a lowered fifth and third. Here again, like the Fma13/A, it’s played with the open 5th string droning underneath, but is given a different flavor by John Paul Jones’ F# on the bass, creating an F#dim. The remaining chords are a stock barre types: An Emi at the 7th fret, a Dma7 at the 5th fret, and a Cma7 at the 3rd fret.


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