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T-Rex Effects Announces New "Twister 2" Ready for Takeoff

T-Rex Effects Announces New "Twister 2" Ready for Takeoff Brought to you by:

T-Rex Effects - February 2011 - We gave our chorus/flanger pedal,  the Twister, a complete makeover and it now hits the market as Twister 2.Twister Jpg 11242

The NEW color is not the only change – the Twister 2 is loaded with new software and the pedal now covers a wider tonal range. By adjusting Depth, Tone and Rate, Twister 2 can deliver both old fashioned vintage sound as well as a more modern chorus sound. 

For more info on this exciting new pedal, The Twister 2 check out T-Rex Effects webpage @

Also check out their video demo for the new Twister 2

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