Ruffa cries foul over 'baby-selling' claim

By , on Jun 24 2012 at 7:29pm

Actress-host Ruffa Gutierrez. File photo

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Actress-host Ruffa Gutierrez cried foul over
claims that she allegedly agreed to sell her baby for a large sum of money.

In a press conference for her newest film "The Mommy Returns" on Monday
night, Ruffa scored former actress Amalia Fuentes for allegedly spreading rumors
that she had given birth to twins in 2003 but had agreed to let her mother,
talent manager Annabelle Rama, sell one of the girls.

"Huwag naman sana idamay ang mga bata. 'Yung sinabi niya na nanganak ako kay
Lorin at may kakambal si Lorin at dahil mukhang pera ang mommy ko binenta daw ni
mommy 'yung isang bata. How can you invent these stories?" she said.

"Alam ng mga kaibigan ko na hindi naman ako nanganak ng kambal. I was
laughing and laughing but how can human being invent things like this? Where did
they get this? So I got sad and emotional na pati ako dinadamay. So sana kayong
dalawa na lang ni mama ang mag-away.

"You know I don't fight with her; I just want a peaceful happy life. Don't
include me na lang, especially my kids 'yun lang," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez was dragged into the issue, after Fuentes recently had a word war
with Rama on Twitter.

Rama recently ended the controversy saying she would keep her silence for the
sake of her children and husband Eddie Gutierrez.

Gutierrez cried again as she defended her father.

"He's the gentlest father. Ayan you hit an emotional nerve! He doesn't
deserve to be dragged into this and she is even threatening na sisiraan niya si
Daddy! I am venting because I'm hurt -- I'm hurt for my father. I only want
peace for everyone," she said.

In her Twitter account, Fuentes scored Eddie Gutierrez for not controlling
his wife.

Amalia lashes back at Ruffa

In a message sent to ABS-CBN News, Fuentes lashed back at the former beauty
queen, claiming she only shed crocodile tears.

Fuentes said Gutierrez was the one who dragged herself into the issue after
posting a tweet about her family.

"What about my family? Wala ba silang karapatang masaktan sa mga panira at
kasinungalingan ng mag-ina? Nasaktan din po ako, Liezl and Jeric," Fuentes

Recently, Gutierrez posted this cryptic message: "Who is this old, fat,
smelly woman who won't stop inventing false stories about me and my family? Shut
up and get a life! Don't involve me! Dude, you're 80 years old. Make the most of
your remaining years on this earth. Your own family is sick to their stomach
with your nasty attitude! What's really pathetic is that her only child and
grandchildren are well-loved while she's the most hated. Will pray for you na
lang, old woman."

Fuentes also denied that she was the one who spread the story about Gutierrez
selling her baby.

"I don't have the capacity to make up such a fantastic story," she said.

As for Eddie Gutierrez, Fuentes reiterated that the veteran actor should be
man enough to control the actions of his wife and daughter.

"Eddie Gutierrez has to be involved. He should be man enough to take control
of his wife and children. Don't let your wife and daughter disgrace your name
and hide behind their skirt!" -- with a report from Mario Dumaual , ABS-CBN



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