I Needed a Real Slide Holder...now it's HERE!!!!!

By , on Sep 8 2011 at 10:44am

I was always losing or dropping and breaking my slides!!
You put them in my pockets, or on the amp...never anyplace CLOSE!!

I always wanted to design a slide holder, a secure system to have my
slide close enough to grab it when I need it and hold it when I don't...we now are now able to offer just such a tool!! It's the RMSC Speed Grip Slide Caddy.

These are made from US Spring Steel, and installs in minuets...if I can
do it, ANYONE can install them!! Fits on any headstock (with a minimum
of tools) and is adjustable for a faster grab and return and holds on to
most standard guitar slides (or tone bars) until you need it.
Unlike other "slide holders" this one is right were you
need it most, just behind the headstock, so with little effort you can
grab and slide or snap it back until you need it again!! Truly, a guitar
accessory that's time has come!!!!
The pricing is$19.95 SRP/ $26.99 full retail
Any way, please email me with your thoughts.

Doc Sigmier doc@rockymountainslides.com
Chief Slide Wrangler & Tone Guru @ RMSC


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