zombre 2011-01-27 - 3:10pm

Boss DR880 - How I met Eugene Snicker

So pardon the playing, but I thought I'd post a quick jam with the Boss DR880 out of the box. I like the unit a lot, especially as an accompaniement (sp?) device.

Tonally, plugging in feels like a Boss GT6 or GT8, so it's ok in a situation where my amp explodes or something. But what I really like is how good the drum and bass samples sound, and how easily it syncs with Logic. I've given up on playing with other people for the moment and am putting together an act where I can go out and play (Yes, I know I better get off the WOW and start practicing again...) So I decided to go hardware oriented instead of software; If I'm gonna play out, stuff needs to be durable.

What's really nice about this device is that it makes making videos with jams and backtracks soooo easy. Just plug into the interface, no re-routing, hit record and go...

It's new name is 'Eugene Snicker' a name some friends of mine dubbed a casio keyboard they used for backtracks when I was growing up. lol drums were horrible, but the music they did was good, so now Eugene can hang with me...

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