eds1275 2010-06-08 - 11:19am

Building your own stuff! Soldering VS Disconnects?

I LOVE to build stuff. It's even better when it works! I'm in the planning process of building a plate reverb, a drum riser, and a studio rack. I'll be documenting each build in a thread when I get around to them [I am REALLY broke right now, and some parts - for example, zebra-patterned carpet are extremely hard to find].
Right now I am looking at a mogami multi-core cable, with 27 [?why 27?] individually jacketed balanced lines. That equates to 81 wires PER SIDE. 162 total. That's alot of soldering. Soooooo I was wondering if you all think that disconnects would be a suitable connection? It would make it easier to replace bad stuff, and I'm pretty sure that the electrical connection woul dbe solid. I mean, there IS an awful lot of touching going on there. They are really hard to pull apart. But maybe I'm wrong? I use disconnects all the time, but never for audio. I don't see how it would be any different from chaining 2 XLRs together though.

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