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buying and selling used gear rant

I don't get gear often these days and when I do it's usually used or on sale. I'll admit that most of the reason is I can't pass up a good deal and I have just about everything I need - mostly things these days are impulse buys or "I'll find a use for that". I am not however a cheapskate. I pay fair prices for the stuff I get - a deal on both sides. If however it is some crack addict who is hawking his gear for cheap... better me than someone else.


Anyways, I'm a bit of an expert shopper. There are people who are bad at selling stuff. I'm going to list my biggest peeves right here, right now.

  • Selling it for what it would be worth if it were clean. I think it is totally unreasonable to think that my time is free! Cleaning up filthy gear is gross, doubly so if it's someone else's dirt. I bargain harder if it seems to be fine but is gross.
  • Spamming buy/sell websites with the same stuff in different ads.
  • Calling it a "Gibson" when it is in fact an Epiphone. [Squire/Fender etc etc etc.]
  • Calling it a Gibson-Epiphone or Fender-Squire. Consider subsidiary companies a separate entity - because they are. We don't call it Wendys-Arbies or a Sears-Craftsman.
  • Only used once - who are you fooling? Just say it's in immaculate shape and you will get more replies from your ad than if you come off as a scammer in the heading of your classified.
  • New in box? Then return it to the store for a full refund. Or change your ad to say "in a mexican road case".
  • "Never used" - well, when it's a $1400 watt amp I really wonder why you bought it. Or, since you are tossing that much cash around on a whim, why you have the time to sell it, since you should probably be doing what insanely rich people do. I wouldn't know, but I assume they're very busy.
  • When I have been browsing the classifieds for weeks and your first post says "Price Reduced". And then it's still overpriced.
  • When the ad contains nothing more than a link to an eBay auction - most often in some far-away country/province/state.
  • "Vintage" - this word does not mean what you think it means. If you mean "old crap", say old crap. A solid state, 15 watt squire amp from '93 is not vintage - it is old. And good luck getting $40 for it, let alone the $250 you're asking for.

I'm sure there's more, fill me in on what irks you about b/s/t. I mean, besides when people say "irks".

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