Telegib 2011-02-08 - 2:12pm

Can we talk about pay rates for a band?

I am curious to know what rates different bands charge for their services.

I ask because I feel our band is being sqeezed big time by these club owners.

I feel we are worth more money for what we do.

My scenario:  4 piece rock, blues, dance and pop band.  Been on the scene playing clubs for a many years.  Started out playing dives, now playing the nice clubs for lots of people.  We get asked back all the time.  We are good and people like us.  We have a website and a facebook presence.  Professioinal demo and business cards.

Typical night  9PM-1AM gig.  Our rate is $400.00  but  our typical pay is $300.00 ( $75 bucks a guy). usually determined by a bar owner.

Rates do differ by club depending on the club but...

I feel this is too low.     But we're hesitant to raise out anti in fear the clubs will say bye, can't pay that. Then we lose our opportunity. We've worked too hard and long.  We love playing out, but we feel there is a value and respect issue here not being met.

obviously this is directed at working bands.......would love to hear your comments and suggestions and rates of pay you get as well as how many members in your band.......thank you.



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