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ruiolas 2010-07-19 - 2:00pm

Can you tell me the model of this ibanez, please?

Hello guys. Yes, I'm back after all this time. has a new face, I see.
I'd like you to tell me wich model is this guitar:!v=ohqb_jtXbTM&feature=related
Actually, that dude used to be my guitar teacher, and I played with his guitar on a gig, a couple of days ago. Unfortunatelly, I didn't have a chance to ask him the model, because he was in a really hurry to leave immedeatly after the gig.
I can remeber the guitar had 2 humbuckers, a 5-way switch, 3 or 4 knobs, and a parallel wiring switch, i guess.
Also, it was pure black and the fret inlays were some sort of birds. I remember it had 22 frets. I only used it when I played the song "Beat It", along with Evh's solo.
Thanks guys. Check out his other videos, so you can have a better look on the guitar.

Hey, I'm stupid!
Like It!

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