the_wylde_one 2010-12-21 - 7:53pm

can't believe someone could do this...

I got a call from a neighbor last night.  Apparently another neighbor a few houses down had rescued a dog and was looking for help removing the choke chain that was now too small to fit over the dog's head.


I had to get my bolt cutters to cut through the chain.  It was so tight that the dogs fur around it's neck was gone and the skin badly irritated.


It was obvious whoever owned this dog put the chain on it as a puppy and never bothered to check if it was too tight.


I've seen cases where this has happened and the dog's skin actually grows around and over the rope/chain/collar that was around their neck and surgery required to get it out.  Luckly someone who cared found this dog in time.


I told the woman who was rescuing the dog to take photos of the dog's condition in case the owner ever came looking for it so she could prove how badly this poor animal was neglected when she found it.


Some people should not be allowed to own animals.  Unfortunately while there are laws in place here to protect animals, they are not enforced enough and also when they are enforced the penalty is not strong enough.



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