eds1275 2010-11-16 - 12:06pm

Common Courtesy

I'm a little pissed off about the way some people go around taking advantage of others. I'm just gonna name one example but there has been like some wicked surge of rudeness in the world lately I think.


A band who I am friends with, whom I record for free in my studio, went and paid money to go to a big studio. It was really expensive and sounded terrible - and was very insulting, mainly because it sounds really bad... if it turned out better than recording with me I would understand. They came to me to master the track, after it was mixed like 10 times trying to fix everything in the mix. I mastered it and had to do some extensive eqing and noise reduction to fix it up.


Then it goes live on their site, which includes no links to me or the other studio. No thanks, etc, meanwhile on my website and the other studios there is a link in the links page and mentions them in the blog/project news pages.

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