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JTC 2010-07-07 - 4:06pm

Computer Crap

Anyone know how to get Win Vista 64Bit to run a 32 bit driver? or get it to run a driver from an older version of windows (like XP) in compatability mode?
I'm trying to run FloorboardFX on my Vista64 computer and have it communicate via USB the midi commands to operate my Boss GT-10.  I can hook up my laptop running Vista 32 bit and everything works great but I get a midi data error when trying to use the Vista 64 Bit machine.
Boss provids a 64 Bit driver and it appears to install ok but I get the data error when the software tries to send info to the GT-10.
I've tried installin all other drivers for differen't versions of windows but it checks the win version and terminates the install while identifying that I'm running the wrong version of windows. 
Can I install a 32 Bit version of windows on a machine currently running a 64Bit version?  I don't know if the 64Bit is all software related or if it's got something to do with the processor. 
Any advice is appreciated.

JTC - GuitarMCP

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