jobabrinks 2010-08-08 - 10:04am

Critique my music samples...

OK.  So I'm periodically looking for some new people to play with.  I'm playing in two bands and recruiting new members for one of those bands.  I put together a samples page when people request to hear samples of my playing.
The stuff is pretty old and it's not the best of my playing, but it's by no means the worst either.  A lot of you have probably heard this stuff b4.
Thing is, I get no responses after I give people my samples.  To me, the stuff sounds pretty good.
So, anyway, critique my samples.  Be as rough as you want.  This regulars of this site have a notorious history for sugar coating.

BTW, the ads I post are for intermediate amateur jazz/rock players, not for pros or anything.  I make this clear in the ad.  So my samples are trying to reflect that versatility and playing level.
I already put this on Ultimate Guitar and got no responses.

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