echoseven 2011-02-05 - 11:50pm

Critique my sound

Hey everyone! I'm seriously trying to get into the recording / mixing aspect of things. So, in that vein, I would like you guys to critique the sound. Pick it apart in terms of tone, mix, feel, etc. I plan on graduating to a mic / mixing desk soon, but for now it's all digital. Here's the kit:

Guitar: Carvin DC727 w/ Crunch Lab / Liquifire -> POD X3 Pro Cali Crunch, TS-9, 4x12 T-75 cab sim, 57 on axis. Slight delay between L/R to make it a bit wider.

Bass: Cheap-o Ibanez 5-string, POD X3 Pro Modern Rock model setting with some mild eq (Boost 300, cut 800, boost 1.25k)

Drums: Acoustica Beatcraft. (Can't wait to upgrade to Superior 2.0!)

Things I already know I need: Better drum program, better earphones, some kind of spectrum analyzer to balance my monitors to my room.

And here's the mix:


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