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eds1275 2010-08-11 - 9:11pm


Nah, I'm not going all emo. But I have just had the shittiest two weeks ever.
First, we'll start with the trip to the cabin - 8 km in to a 17 km mountain hike, sudden downpour. It took 4 hours of sloshing through the wilderness to get back to the car. I would have been fine with that... I mean, it's just weather. But the whining of two women, and my 2 preteen nephews really lowered morale. And by the way, hiking takes longer when everyone starts dragging their feet and blowing hissy fits.
Get back to teh car, dissapointed that on our nature hike there had been no nature, except for trees and mosquitos. The bugs didn't get lost until the rain started. On the way back to teh cabin, we stopped at the liquor store. There was a deer sauntering through the parking lot!!!
My fiance works on the mainland so she doesn't live at home for 3 days a week. Driving her to the ferry, I hit a small deer. The deer was fine I assume, since it flipped over the hood, landed on it's feet and kept going like nothing happened. The car however is all smashed in. 6 hours later it looks like maybe I just hit a dog or something, I got most of the dents out.
I fixed my broken down truck, which was awesome! +1 for me.
ANd then the door on the car won't open from the inside... whatever, not a big deal. It will however be a few hours taking the door apart and fixing it.
    And the worst, absolute worst! I was in my garden, after months of doing everything but this - lots and LOTS of diggin up other areas, building a long trench of dirt down one side of my yard to become the base of a raised garden I have been planning for two mofo years. I stick in my garden edger where I was going to remove the grass and fill with sand to help me level my building blocks. I promtly fell in up to my armpits, grabbing the lawn at the last minute. I climbed up and fell in again, this time 2 feet over from my original hole. I scrambled to safety as my lawn caved in in a misshapen circle, SPLASHING into the well I never knew I had because someone had covered it over and planted grass on top. After of course, they filled it with garbage and oil drums.
   I was supposed to get married soon, but now I won't be able to afford it. I called the city and they made sure I was aware that this wasn't their fault [no muicipal water lines or anything], noted the oil drums and told me I should expect to be poor for a while, because environmental cleanup doesn't come cheap.

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