angus g 2011-07-25 - 5:57pm

Effects/Pedal(s) Boxes,etc.

Ok so here I kind of date myself and show my ignorance as to current gear etc.
What I'm after is a few words from one who knows on the subject of effects and the type of gear one might consider purchasing, keeping in mind that I am in no way a proffessional nor will I be doing any more than local gigs and playing for kicks (more interested in the writing end of it all), but that's all beside the point.
I learned way back there on an effects pedal known as a 'Wah-Wah'pedal and a 'fuxx-box'. There were of course other bits and pieces about but you had to be pretty well involved in the scence if you were into that stuff and then some.
But today it's computer driven and as such I know things have changed dramatically and without getting into Amps and other gear such as computer gear to complicate matters, I simply wish to have at my hands (so to speak), the ability to gain some differences when playing one can achieve when employing the effects of some type of box or pedal set-up.
So any suggestions on the less than expensive front or cost be dammed if the gear is worth it to a player who will get enough use out of it too make the outlay one that is well spent, if in use only and I'm talking pretty basic stuff here, not looking to go universal or off the planet in the effects (although... ).
Anyway thanks for your time and patience here, anything coming back would be appreciated in a big way. So cheers and thanks again, angus g.

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