jpfromsliotar 2011-05-31 - 6:49am

Electric shock...

Here's one for ya.
Happened at a gig last week... Venue I hadn't played in before. During the sound check I went to sing, and I got a "lovely" shock from the microphone. Now this has happened to me in several different venues to one extent or another. But this one actually held on to me for a second, if you know what I mean. When I mentioned it to the sound man, he rushed on to the stage and asked me if I have humbuckers? No, I had my tele. Then he turned to the bass player, who has a Epiphone thunderbird with active humbuckers. "There you go, hats your problem" I was told... Fist of all, I am not an expert on the subject and if some one could break this down and explain it in silly guitar players terms;-). But I damn sure know he was talking rubbish and he said it so certainly... Now don't take me wrong, I think sound personnel are the unsung heroes of music business, they do the hard work at the gigs, and make us sound great. But this was just so random explanation thrown so convincingly. I just could not believe what i heard...Sure enough after us there was a guy with just acoustic guitar sound checking, and he was using different microphone and channel, and all our equipment was switched off and plugged out;-) Well you got an ouch out of me, but this guy jumped back and screamed!
I know its not the solution to the problem, but I think I will bring with me one of the pop shields made for dynamic microphones in future, at least it'll get me through the gig.

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