theunknown 2010-07-21 - 9:31am

First Show!

So I've did this several times... I quit coming to the site sometimes. But I just decided I kind of wanted to talk about our first show! I'm in a new band and we just started a few months ago and had our first show! ( Obviously ). But yeah I got really nervous before the show but in the end we nailed it! People loved it and the other bands who I think personally were amazing! Wants us to play with them again! AND the local music store called and wants us to play some weekend in July! And I guess I need to ask a question since there is no random forum... I don't think...
So I want some tips, Or whatever you do... I'm getting better at writing but do you guys have any clever ways to write that you've discovered?
Also tell me about your first show! I want to here the story of yours!

Trey Long

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