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Gene Simmons Stance On Filesharing

While I can't say I blame Gene for his opinion of filesharing; I must say, was he not paying attention to what happened when Metallica took on Napster?


Yes, Napster itself was shut down, bought out and turned into a pay site instead of filesharing... but Metallica lost the respect of their fans and only now, 10 years later are they starting to recover.


Mind you, one difference... Gene has always been about the money and has never stated otherwise.  He does believe his fans deserve the best Kiss has to offer in return for that money and usually gives fans what they want. 


Metallica used to say they weren't in it for the money and that their fans were the most important thing to them and that they didn't care about the oldschool tape trading that was known to go on way back...they believed it helped them become stars.  With internet filesharing it was just an extension of that network of tape traders on a larger scale... and they turned around and went against what they'd always preached about not caring about money.


Now... on another point, the music industry as a whole has changed.  Bands no longer tour to promote albums... now they make albums to promote the tour.  The tour is where the bands money comes from between both ticket sales and merch... Since Gene has plastered the KISS name on every product ever made at some point; I think it's safe to say Gene figured out how to make massive amounts of money without relying on album sales decades before the industry saw the need to do so.


As an artist and songwriter, I do sympathize with musicians who feel they should make profits off their music... I also feel that the music is just the tip of the iceburg and worth sacrificing in return for the potential cash from ticket sales and merch sales.


Gene, let the fans have their free downloads... considering the cost of a ticket to see KISS (even General Admission is not cheap by comparison to other shows I've seen recently; but I'd pay it again if you came to my neck of the woods as long as it wasn't the Halifax Commons again), and the endless stream of merch for us to buy off you; consider the money lost to downloading an advertising cost because these people are still going to your concerts and still likely going to buy whatever things you decide to plaster with the KISS logo and likenesses.

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