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Going from Digital MTR to Computer Recording...need help.

Hello.  I started out 12 years ago with a Boss BR-8 Digital Multitrack recording workstation.  Loved it.  It got me inspired to continue into recording, but I stuck with the Multitrack recorders....  I then bought a Boss BR1600, which is what I am still using today.  I'm happy with my BR1600 because it's easy to use and offers cool effects and great results, but I'm now looking at doing more....

I am now interested in juming into computer based recording but honestly, I'm not a computer guy and my knowledge of computers is limited.  I have read  a lot about it but everyone seems to have a different opinion of "what you need".

I want to record my band ( 4 piece) as well as other bands and different musical projects ranging from 1-5 players.  Additionally, I want to record my own stuff.  I'm used to using 8 inputs to record at the same time but I only see interfaces with 2-4 inputs at most. 

here's what I have:

Plenty of good mics, XLR cables, stands, pop filters, excellent guitars and amps and a nice room to do it all in.


What I don't have:

a dedicated computer ( the right kind for recording music with the right power and speed),  a way to connect my instruments to a computer, and software.

Again,  I have no experience in compueter recording but I do have experience in MTR on digital workstations.

I seem to be going back and showing strong interest in Pro Tools as software.

Can anyone with knowledge and experience offer me any suggestions to help me get started or pointed in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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