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Gypsy Jam at my studio

Well I have a vintage banjo up for sale but nobody's biting. So I posted an advert on CL asking someone to come play my banjo and have it recorded so I can include a sound sample on the ad - I can't play the thing, nor do I want to. In fact I don't like banjos at all. This 1929 Bacon and Day fell into my lap a few years back and I restored it.

Anyways, in return for having someone play my banjo I offered 1 hour of studio time. I thought maybe someone would do a little singer songwriter thing. But no! Someone did a little research on me and found out my home studio is actually the best around [it's not open to the public, I'm trying to become a full-time composer.] So the banjo lady pushed the recording date back for a week, assembled a band, and rehearsed the hell out of one tune. So on March 3 I'll have a double bass, mandolin, guitar, and banjo in the studio. Should be a lot of fun! I'll be using mics on everything and DI's on whatever has them just in case. The vocals are going to be overdubbed. It's an original tune apparently, so we'll see how it turns out. I will be photo-documenting as much as I can and if they let me I'll post some audio as well!

To be honest I'm a little worried about recording a double bass in a room full of other louder and brighter instruments, and that's the reason for the DI's. I'm really REALLY hoping my order comes in soon so that the headphone jacks in the walls will be wired up, I need a few more 1/4 panel mount jacks installed. I don't have many headphone extensions unfortunately.

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