dp_9981 2012-02-16 - 2:59am


Wow... havent been here in a while...

anyways, i need some serious help. I've been all over the interent trying to find an answer


Hello everyone, ive been happily recording stuff for RPM and my college classes until i started getting this really strange problem.

Im plugged into a Focusrite Saffire 24, using its instrument setting to record my electric guitar, the guitar sounded fantastic (tracking clean) but after ten minutes descended into a distorted mess.

I thought "maybe i hit the gain pot or someting" so i turned the gain down, still distorted. i then turned the gain all the way off, STILL distorted. I closed down all my amp simulators and effects in logic, still horribly distorted. Restarted logic and my saffire. Still distorted.

I then changed all my setting appropriately and plugged in a mic, it sounded BEAUTIFUL, no mysterious distortion. thinking it was fixed i plugged my guitar back in, MORE CRAP DISTORTION.

I then closed logic and opened garageband, and did all of the above, it still would only distort my guitar signal no matter what the gain setting was, but all my mics sounded beautiful.

I then did it all again in Audacity, SAME PROBLEM.

At first i thought it was the saffire, so switched to another interface, the distortion was still there.

I have no idea what to do. I've tried 2 different interfaces, 3 different guitars (1 with active pups, 2 without), and 3 different daws. Every time it distorted horribly. unplugging and plugging back in all my gear doesn't work. I cant seem to do anything to get rid of it. Im thinking its a problem with my core audio, but that doesn't explain why my mics sound still sound fine.

It cant be line interference because that would be affected by my gain levels, and the distortion is present even with the gain all the way down.

Im helpless and falling behind with my recording schedule. any idea?

and now:

well i emailed focusrite about it....

i experimented a bit more and updated everything. I had my guitar plugged into my saffire pro as my computer was shut off. since the saffire was still powered i could still monitor the guitar, and it had the same distortion. I then plugged my other interface in and did the same thing, it was still distorted... i wonder if where i am i just get weird interference to my interfaces? its highly unlikely that both of them just decided to break on the same day, as the focusrite is BRAND NEW. Maybe I'l try recording in a different location entirely tomorrow.

thats the only solution i can think of.. there are like 200 different wireless networks in my building because it is a big dorm. So its very possible, not to mention the large volume of flourscent lights (6 per room) so maybe thats it, wont really know until tomorrow. But now i know that its happening right in my boxes and not in the computers, it probably has to do with my cables, seeing as my mic line is balanced and my guitar cables are not. But if it where the interference from all the wifi and lights its usually a constant hum... not just when theres signal moving, and it would change with my gain... i wont know for sure until tomorrow

TL;DR: My guitar is always distorted no matter what my gain settings, my mics always sound perfect, WTF?

if anyone has any idea, take a stab at it. Im starting to think im haunted

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