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Esemplare 2012-04-10 - 7:53pm

Help. How to create a great melodic solo.

Hi everyone. I'm new here, and I know that is really bad introduce myself in this way, but I really need a fast help. I'm sorry.

This is the point:
I play electric guitar, and I create a song. If you need the guitarpro project, I can give you.
In this song, I used C#maj scale and chords for riff and rhythmic, and for solo too I want to use it. C#maj Ionian scale. As you can see, for not to complicate the work, I used simple things.

The chords progression is:
Just begin with F#maj instead of C#maj. I think no problem with that. :P

Now, want to create a melodic solo, but I don't want simply to follow the voice, for create it.
Yes, I create it in this way, and this is the result (I don't write bend, hammer-on, pull-off and slide for facilitating the reading):



But this is only the melody of the voice. And in only one string. I want more! I studied the scale of C#maj, but I'm never satisfied with the result of the various solos that I created. I've studied musical theory very well (self-taught) but maybe there's something else I need to know. I feel there is something missing.

If someone is kind enough to help me with this, before the April 14, I'll be eternally grateful. :)

So... there is some rules to follow to create a solo on an already existing base? Except "Follow your heart". :P

PS: This is the right place to write this post? I was undecided between this or "Beginner" section. Tell me if I wrong :P

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