CSCousins 2010-09-29 - 2:49am

Help Me ID this guitar, please?

I bought this flat top, steel string, acoustic guitar recently and need some help identifying it. It's apparently an Olympic guitar? The only writing is the word Olympic on the head and inside paper tag with the model number "0835" 
I bought it for $35 from a guy on craigslist with the intent to modify it into a resonator. Only now that I have it, it doesn't seem $35 cheap... I'd really like to know before I cut. I'd rather convert my shitty Target Washburn Lyon. actually doesn't sound horrible, but it's a pain to keep in tune, WHICH is why I bought a $35 craigslist special, hoping for something better made, but old and beat up.... huff huff huff.... ALSO, this Olympic, (maybe just the strings) has a not quite twangy metal sound to it. I think, if it's not an old rare vintage or expensive guitar, that it would make a GREAT resonator. Any thoughts?
Pictures coming soon, sorry! battery freakin died on me... grrrr...

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