rploesser 2012-08-21 - 10:24am

I am looking for info on this vintage 1970's wah wah / fuzz pedal

I came across this pedal the other day (link below) and was curious if anybody know the history of this pedal or if they are worth anything. I plugged it in and it seems to work just fine no static or anything. And its got a pretty unique sound. Wah wah and fuzz pedal combined. And when i say fuzz good god... its got more fuzz than a 50 yr old biker!! It is adjustable though from none to good god. The wah wah side has a pretty wide range more than my cry baby wah. And you can use each effect seperatly or combined. Pretty wild pedal. Other than it sounding pretty cool i dont know anything else about it. Any of you know anything about it?



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