farmduck 2011-03-01 - 6:11am

I just signed up for lessons

At least I think I did. God I hope I haven't signed up for "lesions"


The site has just started "Premium" lessons at $US19.97 for 12 weeks. I get so stale in my playing that I seem to be "one step forward, two steps back" all the time. I just thought this might motivate me a bit more.


I think one reason for feeling the lack of progress is that I listen to, and aspire to play, harder stuff all the time. When I was 16 there was a guy in my scholl who could play the flashest riffs you've ever heard. I ran into him again when I was 21 and he hadn't progressed at all - he could still nail 2 or 3 blues riffs, and that was all.


I think we are nearly always our own harshest critics. We think we constantly fluff a piece and forget that, 5 years ago, we wouldn't have even tried to play that piece. When I was 17 I spent ages trying to learn the Clapton solo on Strange Brew - even slowed down the record player and all. These days I could knock that over with both eyes closed and learn the whole thing in less than 10 minutes.


I'll give you progress reports on the lessons. The first one is Four on Six, by Wes Montgomery.

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