grag 2011-01-31 - 9:00pm

Ibanez keeps breaking strings!

Need help please, I have an Ibanez RG1570 with a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge and it's double locking - it locks on the saddles on the bridge and on the nut. Standard pickups and everything and I have just fitted brand new D'Addario EXL110 regular light gauge strings. The tremolo has the regular 3 springs at the back arranged in straight parallel lines. I have stretched the strings over and over again, tuned the guitar, set the angle of the bridge tremolo, set the intonation and the action, I have set everything up nicely, it sounds good and plays well.

But the 1st E string keeps breaking, always at the saddle on the bridge. I have spare saddles and changed the saddle with a new one, and the 1st E still breaks right at the saddle. I know I am not over tightening any of the bolts, I am careful when it comes to tightening anything so I know that is not the problem. Can anyone advise me on why that string keeps breaking all the time?! Very frustrating.

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