rorymayhew 2010-06-27 - 12:25pm

Installing a Tune-o-matic bridge in a Les Paul

Hey there,
I have an Epiphone Les Paul a buddy of mine was getting rid of because he took off all of the parts and put them on other guitars, and it needs a new bridge, tuners, and pickups.
  Now, most people would say don't bother, but I have wanted to do some modifications to a guitar for quite some time, so I want to take the opportunity to fix up this guitar and hopefully have a decent backup guitar.
  I intend on purchasing a Tune-O-matic bridge for it off of ebay (I have seen quite a few used ones for dirt cheap.)
My question: is there anything I should pay special attention to when installing this bridge, what more do I have to do other than bolt it on?  I have seen quite a few people do this to their guitars, just wondering the best way to go about it.

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