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I've got a new project I'll be recording soon!

So I have a new recording project I'm working on. My first god-daughter was born about 6 months ago, and I thought for her first birthday I'd write her a short album of music. This would accomplish several things:
1: Set the standards high for any future boyfriends she may have
2: Force me to actually finish some of my own work, I worry so much about everyone else's I never finish anything of my own
3: Be a gift much more special than your average gift for a 1 year old.

I've got a theme, this album will be all instrumental and feature mostly acoustic works. The theme is a day in the life of a one year old. I have already begun writing the first and last songs. I gave them the names Good Morning and Good Night and having a title and an idea of the mood let me get started really quickly. I'll be keeping tabs on the project here and post a few soundclips as I record. Nothing yet as I'm still working with my handy dandy voice recorder - soon I'll lay down some scratch tracks in protools... then my order is drums/bass/guitar. I have convinced my fiance to run protools so I can just play my instruments without the hassle of mucking about with engineering.

...of course I retain all rights to the music lol.

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