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Latest projects I've been working on!

I've been shying away from recording other people's music in my studio as I prefer to focus on editing, restoring and composing. I recently finished up a great little project writing 2+ hours of music for a series of workout videos that after a huge amount of headache from the videographer is finally complete.

Another one that I finished up is a radio play - Shakespear's Hamlet. I unfortunately didn't record it, it was recorded in an apartment using a single mic placed on a round table with the voice actors all around. I composed the music and did the editing - lots of cutting out trucks driving by and scripts being played with... the crinkling of paper is a horrible sound! However despite the flaws it turned out to be an enjoyable listen. The next one they'll be doing will turn out better, I have devised a system using a teleprompter website and the multiple mics facing away from the street. It should be excellent - the guy writing the screen play thinks that should be ready by December, so hopefully by Christmastime it'll be done recording/editing/mixing. I again will be composing the music, I plan to do it in my spare time over the coming months.

I have one final piece of news, and that is that I *hope* to be composing the soundtrack or at least some of the tunes in a soundtrack for an upcoming feature-length documentary. I don't want to spill the beans on what it is in case they don't like the sample tracks I have written and sent away. But when I find out I will post it here. Even if there is only ghosts around to listen...

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