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Lichty Guitars Donates $3500 Handcrafted Guitar To Benefit Raffle

NC - NC luthier Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars has provided guitar
enthusiasts nationwide and supporters of LEAF an opportunity to win a
beautiful handcrafted guitar. Up for raffle is a one-of-a-kind OM-style
acoustic guitar, a perfect size for all types of players, built from
beautifully figured African Bubinga and Spruce. All proceeds from ticket
sales go to LEAF. LEAF,,
is a non-profit organization established to build community and enrich
lives through the Arts - locally & globally - with festivals,
events, mentoring, and educational programs.
• Learn more about this guitar at
• Purchase tickets at
• Ticket Price: $10 (multiple tickets may be purchased)
• Ticket Sales limited to 350
• Raffle Drawing will happen once all tickets are sold or on 12/01
began building ukuleles when his work as a home contractor slowed down.
Within a few short months he had built 7 or 8 and then had the
incredible good fortune to build his first guitar in a workshop with
world-renowned guitarist and guitar builder, Wayne Henderson. Lichty
builds approximately 25 handcrafted instruments each year in his Tryon,
NC shop. This is the second guitar he has donated to a charitable
organization and it is one of the ways Lichty Guitars gives back to the
How does this guitar sound? Visit the
Lichty Guitars website to watch a slide show of the guitar with
soundtrack and watch a video as internationally acclaimed guitarist,
singer, songwriter Geoff Achison graciously test-drove the guitar while
on his recent US tour. Both musician and the guitar sound incredible!
$10 ticket, only 350 sold, and all proceeds going to a great cause add
up to a win/win for all who are lucky enough to buy tickets before they
sell out.
NC luthier Jay Lichty, builds handmade
acoustic guitars and ukuleles. He specializes in one-of-a-kind custom
-designed and built instruments for his customers, who contribute their
ideas to the design process. The completed instruments fit each player
like a glove and are visually, esthetically and acoustically stunning.
As a result, more and more musicians are saying. "I gotta have a

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