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Marshall amps

I've got a few laying around here - I won't say that Marshall makes the greatest amplifiers, but I love them anyway. They are loud, versatile, and the distortion is just how I like it... gritty.


For the money I think they are awesome. There are some amps that I will not mention that I personally think are junk, but the high prices keep people thinking they are boutique or amazing.


The ones I have in my collection are the JMP-1 midi preamp, which is still my #1 go to for direct recording. I have had a bunch of amp emulators and while some of them sound decent none of them have the feel I'm used to. The Marshall does even though I'm tempted to take the tubes out and see if it still works :D I have a feeling they are in there for show.

The Marshall VS8100 is a 100 watter hybrid amp with a single 12ax7 in the preamp. It was given to me by a friend who said if I can fix it I can keep it. After opening it up it took me about 6 minutes to diagnose and fix the amp, and then he wanted it back. Well too bad for him. For what these things go for [$150-400 from what I've seen] they are pretty badass. The solid state power section gives consistent tone from quiet to clipping, and then it goes downhill real fast. But it was free, and it's got its uses.

Marshall MG15MS - the mini stack everyone would love to have but can't justify spending $300 dollars on. During my extensive renos, I was getting pretty bummed out plinking on un amplified strings while my amps were in storage. On valentine's day a few years ago when I got home it was waiting for me in the living room! We got engaged the following halloween ;) I held off for 9 years but you know shes a keeper when...

Marshall TSL100 - the least popular in the JCM2000 line is my fav. Most people that buy them are just being stupid with them I suppose. I have actually had other people tell me "Hey you know those gains knobs go to ten". Well yeah, but after 6 they just control how much damn feedback you get. I play metal and rock and all sorts of other stuff. Just because my amp is high gain doesn't mean its only for shredding. And I do that too!!! I like my fuzz to kick you in the chest when I play a power chord, and when I play something else I better be able to hear every note. I keep my gains around 4 or 5, and I am happy with my tone and get compliments regularely.

There's a few I'd like to try - the class5 and the haze, I want a DSL201 or 401, I would really like a silver jubilee, and of course a JCM800. BUt next on my list is an orange.


What are you other marshall players using these days?

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