soularflair 2010-12-20 - 3:36pm


Watch on YouTube

It's a medley of 13 Meshuggah songs from multiple albums, joined together seamlessly (nearly 11 mins).
Playing was recorded direct into my DAW via my Axe-Fx Ultra (levels and panning done later).
Meshuggah panned mostly left, me panned mostly right.
Audio quality was given preference above video.

Guitar = Agile Interceptor Pro 730EB (Lundgren bridge and Sustainiac neck pickup, custom strings from Octave4Plus, tuned to low F).
Effects = Axe-Fx Ultra - 5 separate patches
Floor controller = Keith Macmillan Instruments "Softstep".

Working on a medley of Thordendal's "Sol Niger Within" now...

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