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Music Artist L'illon Presents Special Release CD "Warrior Angel Instrumental"

With her innovative style and unique approach, music artist L'illon has pleasantly surprised us once again with a special release of her debut album 'Warrior Angel', but this time with a spin. This follow up, titled 'Warrior Angel Instrumental', as the name suggests, is her complete debut album, but in an instrumental version.

As the composer of every track on this album, L'illon showcases how 'Warrior Angel Instrumental' is a release of amazing music that can stand on its own and be in its own realm, yet being a reminder of what a versatile musician L'illon truly is; for it is the rare indy artist that releases an instrumental version of their debut music.

This CD continues with the complex melodic sounds and twisting dynamics introduced previously. However, in the debut album, the tracks were bound by lush vocals, whereas in this instrumental release, each song is a melodic adventure that explores a particular mood introduced in the hook. Furthermore, throughout the ten tracks, there are nostalgic nods to emotional tones such as those created in epic Hollywood films.

Not only is this album for the avid fan, but is a marker that L'illon's music can officially enter into the world of music for movies, TV, video gaming, advertising, and licensing.

As Neu Futur magazine wrote, "anyone lucky enough to happen onto the album", now again will be lucky enough to have this collector's piece, the instrumental version and special release of Warrior Angel.

This special release of 'Warrior Angel Instrumental' is only available via Nimbit Music and

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