Dyan 2011-11-02 - 3:02pm

Musicpage.com gives musicians total access to music industry pros

Musicpage is a secure online community made up of thousands of profiles detailing contact and production information for music professionals and businesses from 40+ industry categories.

Musicpage breaks contacts down by category and location. So if your booking a tour, you can search for venues that book bands that play your style of music. There is a free gig swapping system you can use to find bands to trade shows with.

Because Musicpage profiles include home and cel number along with other private contact information, most of the community is restricted to users with their own personal Musicpage.

Its free to create a Musicpage, but you should only create one if you are a musician or music pro.

If you're in a band, you can create a free band page which will promote your project to the promoters, talent buyers and other music industry pros that are looking for up and coming bands.

Musicpage is not for fans of music. Its was built specifically for the people who create music. So if your a musician looking for access to hard to find music industry contacts, you should create your own free Musicpage now.


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