the_wylde_one 2010-07-06 - 8:43pm

my wife is the best!!!

she was putting off my bday present until we went on our trip to Halifax later this month with me hoping to find a nice piece of gear that isn't normally seen in Moncton... until she saw the Saturday paper's front page.
Dweezil Zappa was in town to do his Zappa Plays Zappa show last night, and she got us tickets to go see it.  I've been a fan of Frank for almost 20 years but never got to see him live because he died shortly after I discovered his music (like a month later or something); so last night was the next best thing.
It was so mind blowing, not only did Dweez nail his dad's solos but also his tone was very similar to what I've heard on live recordings and videos I have of his father.  If you closed your eyes you'd swear it was Frank up there. 
I met him after the show when he stuck around to sign autographs (very cool, he stayed until every last fan was gone).  After he autographed my copy of "Return of The Son of...", I told him how much I felt his performance reminded me of his father he seemed genuinely flattered by it.  Seems like a really down to earth guy.
I will say this though... I believe while Frank may be a musical genius, Dweezil has better technique than his father.  Watching footage of Frank and comparing it to last night, I find that Dweezil is much more fluid.  Now that I've seen first hand what Dweezil is capable of in terms if has technical abilities I find myself curious if he's also inherited his fathers gift for composition.  Hopefully since he's performed here now it'll be easier to find his cd's in the local shops.

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