echoseven 2011-01-03 - 5:51pm

NAD/NPD!!! New gear x2! 20X6! (NSF56k)

Hey everyone!

It's been a long time for me, but I'm back. Just today in the mail I received two new pieces of gear. This is their story.

What's this in the mail?

 How shall I open it? This looks good...

Too much? What about this?

 Still too much...hmmm...


That'll do nicely!

Like a pinata! (I can't get the tilde to work atm :( ) vintage-y goodness!

I bought these pickups because I got a "gig" playing at a local coffeehouse, and all of my current gear is very metal-oriented. I sold my blues/jazz stuff long ago, so it was high time to build a new one! I also needed an amp that *didn't* go to 11, so...

What's this? ANOTHER package??

Looks promising so far...

And the final shot:

 Did I mention I'm a HUGE fan of the tan grille / black tolex look? I think this bit of kit will do nicely!


Like It!

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