need to find that perfect opinions needed!

okay so I'm still fairly new here still, and I've only been a guitar enthusiast for about 4 years, however, I need help finally.

my dream guitar to own is an emerald green PRS CE 22 Maple.

in my opinion this guitar is the most beautiful sounding,  best looking out there, that ive seen so far.

the issue is that the cheapest i can find it brand new is around 4k...

so sadly im looking for a cheaper equivelant, as I am sure that all you fellow enthusiasts know of a few better than the ce22 i fell in love with.


here are the recquirements i need for the ideal guitar.

-has to be electric

-need the neck to be slim/thin (i have big hands, but i can work with a smaller neck easier

-needs to be fairly classic/simple in style, as I am not much of a fan of those warlock style guitars.

-needs a wammy bar or needs to be compatible with one (never could bend strings very well)

-also looking for something that doesnt have too many bells n whistles, I just want a guitar with a beautiful sound

also, the ce22's most noticeable feature is its sound and design.

its beautiful to look at and beautiful to listen to.


if you can help me find some good matches, I would be forever in your debt.


also, bonus points to anybody who can point me towards anywhere they think would be selling the guitars recomended...


please and thank you.

             -mustang revolver

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