nicholasg98 2010-11-06 - 3:44pm

New CD By Michael Jon Hartman - "A Different Kind Of Normal"

The exceptionally talented and experienced veteran vocalist/musician, Michael Jon Hartman, releases a new CD, "A Different Kind Of Normal," that is bursting with captivating Pop/Rock flavor. Michael, a former Appendage, knows just what it takes to draw out elaborately textured arrangements and his achievement of this is with his proficiency as a vocalist and guitar playing being authentic about its sound while implementing a classy and stylish vivacity. Michael Jon lets the onlookers be enthralled by the lively rhythmic musical beats, tuneful melodies, and remarkable harmonies on this entire Album. The title track, "A Different Kind Of Normal," is rock filled and striking as the vocal and guitar sounds compellingly blend together. "Experience," is electrifying as the hard-hitting synthesizer playing by Mark Hoevet intensifies the song to the uncompromising tonality of the lyrics. The smooth vocals on, "Sister Jean," are inspirational and elevating. Fans of Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, or Robert Palmer will truly be grateful for the impressive Rock and Pop qualities that this album has to offer. Mark A. Forrest, Maftrust Inter Vivos


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