eds1275 2010-06-08 - 11:07am

New Gear! What did you buy recently? What do you want?

I bought: Nothing! But I have pretty much everything I want [yes, it can happen] as far as guitar stuff goes.
I WANT a 16" floor tom for my DW drum kit, but they want $700 for one. Pshaw. I've got an 18 but the gap between the 14 and 18 is too far. Keep your eyes out for a gloss black DW floor tom, legs not important since most of my toms are floating.
I NEED a new computer. I'll be building one soon - 12 gigs of ram, an intel i7 920 processor [yeah, the cheap one - there's a new procxessor coming out in a few months that I'll upgrade to that fits in the same slot].
I CAN'T work until I buy 60 damn panel mount XLR jacks, but they're expensive when you buy that many.

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