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eds1275 2010-06-08 - 11:51am

New site Studio reno update!

Yeah, I have been working at this a long time, I know. 2 1/2 years!
Currently I'm on a day off from my many jobs [teaching guitar, being the sound guy at a conference center, sound at our local big venue, sound guy for 2 touring companies, sound guy for the local government] and I'm waiting for some mud to dry where I did a few touch ups on a curved wall.
So the big news I have is that the painting is done except for that one area I mentioned where I touched up some lines from me sanding. The power is all done.
The things I have left to do? Solder all my specialty stuff. That's alot of XLR and TRS connections. And I have to wire up my other things; cat 5, VGA, USB 2 & 3, firewire 400/800. I need to lay the floor down, and do the trim and make the window sills.
I've got 40 amps of power down there for outlets [should be more than enough] and wired it like a kitchen [seperate breakers for top and bottom outlets]. Lighting is on a seperate breaker. All my bulbs are LED bulbs, I love them [except the price]. I can hold my strat's pickups TOUCHING the bulb and not get any more noise than usual.
One of my favourite decorative features of the studio is this light fixture from the 80's I found at the thrift store. It's "new wave" stuff for sure, all sorts of weird angles and misc stuff hanging off of it. It WAS all white, but for $7 I thought I'd take a chance and painted it glossy red and chrome and hung it on a blue wall in the iso booth. My fiance calls it an eyesore yet I think it totally fits in the studio. Another piece of awesome I found in the craft store is picture frames for records. I picked up 2 for the studio's lounge - one for ZZTop: Afterburner and one for AC/DC: Powerage. They look great, I may mount them on the wall this afternoon.
So for the VGA, USB and cat5, if you're wondering: I have a video output in each room along with USB so I can have keyboard/mouse and screen wherever I'm working so I don't need to be in the control room all the time. The cat5 is for a hearbus system I don't have yet. Basically a hearbus is a monitoring system, everyone gets their own mixer and does their own headphone mix. I don't have it yet but I wired it in while the walls were open. There is headphone jacks around the room as well, so when I get the hearbus these will be repurposed to line level jacks... not that I use line level jacks all that much. I usually throw everything on a DI anyway.

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