JTC 2010-06-24 - 9:48pm

New Used Computer

My son got a new computer today.  I have claimed is old one for my music room.  I'm tossing out the old win95 and xp machines that I was previously using.  I was using the Win95 machine for recording and the xp machine as a computer interface to my GT10.  Even though this upgrade is still an older computer built in 2008 I think it's going to be great to get rid of the big bulky monitors and have one computer that does everyting.  I'm sure it will work well. 
I know this is not BIG news and is basically a boring post but at least it's something to read. 
I've been poking around with my old Digitech RP100A and RC2 Looper which I have inline between my GT10 and BR600.  Cool to dig up some of the old custom effects I had built on the Digitech pedal.  Memories...  I also rediscoverd some old loops that I had left recorded on the RC2 and spend some time improvising over the loops. 
The RC2 is a great pedal for the lone guitarist.  Go get ya one! Hehe

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