echoseven 2011-02-03 - 10:45am

NGD!! Carvin DC727 Goodness!! (Update: PICS!!)

So my new axe just came in. I ordered a Carvin DC727. I'm basically speechless about how amazing this thing is. I'm not going to do a full review until I've played it some more, but I will put down some preliminary impressions:

1) The pickups are great for everything up to rock and fusion, but anything much heavier probably necessitates a pickup swap. I'll probably eventually throw in a Liquifire / Crunch Lab combo, but I want to put these through their paces before I do anything drastic.

2) Sustain for days. Even though mine has a floyd, the neck-through construction really shines here. My neck is also mahogany, so that helps quite a bit.

3) The floyd is pretty stable. It came out of the case almost perfectly in tune. I've had to adjust it here and there to account for temp / humidity, but so far it's excellent compared to my other axes.

4) The tonal options are great. It comes with individual coil split switches, so you can mix and match any flavor of humbucker or single coil between the two pickups.

Pics will be posted tomorrow after I get a new memory card for my camera! (long story about the old one.)

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