eds1275 2010-11-16 - 12:59pm


I am that one guy in the world who doesn't need more gear. I am happy with my guitar tone. It's just a custom flying v and a marshall TSL [yeah I know not everyone likes them but I'm happy].

So I'm sort of out of the loop. I spend my money on mics and mic preamps these day. I just took a peak at marshall's website.

They make great tube amps, and classic looking ok sounding practice amps. They have their solid state line which is sort of in between, but I think they could do without as their low end tube amps sound better than their high end solid state/valvestate/avt stuff.

But now I see they have software preamp modeling. Modeling amps are NOT the future, I'm sorry. Because all they try to do is emulate older tube amps anyway. I am going to run out to the store later and try out this JDM series, and then try out an Orange Tiny Terror. I bet the Orange will sound better.


Things I am interested in: The Haze series and the Class 5. Also, Marshallamps.com is TERRIBLE. They need a better site with less shit on it.

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