richey 2011-02-09 - 9:14pm

Old timer here looking for support

Hey guys!  Haven't been on here in a while but was for years.  I was a daily user at one time but once everything changed, well you know...

I want to ask everyone to support my band, Eyes Like Twenty, by:

adding us:

following us:

liking us:

You can also check us out at our website:

Also, anyone who has a band in our genre within 6 hours drive of Birmingham, Alabama should contact us when they need an opening act.  These areas include:

Alabama - all

Mississippi - all

Tennessee - all

Georgia - almost all

Florida - Pensacola to Tallahassee

Louisiana - Northeastern, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and east from there

Arkansas - Little Rock and east from there

Kentucky - Lexington, Lousiville and west and south from there

Illinois - southern

Indiana - southern

North Carolina - Asheville, Charlotte and west from there

South Carolina - Columbia and west from there

Gardner Barber has already promised to come to any show of ours in Columbia, SC.  LOL

It would just tickle me to death if I got to meet and play with some of you guys after chatting with y'all for years.

Thanks guys and I hope to hear from you soon!
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