farmduck 2011-02-08 - 11:23am

In a partial rut

I've been in a playing rut for about 6 months. I say partial rut because I haven't been playing full songs or jamming over backings but I have been playing some lessons and running through theory posts from another forum. It's a strange feeling: I can tell that I've learnt stuff but just don't play.


Part of the reason is my "new" neighbours, who moved into the front paddock in a caravan 6 months ago. I used to do most of my playing and recording after 10pm but the neighbours both ride trackwork and start work at some absurd hour.


I've had ruts before and I've even had 12 month periods where all I did was run scales unplugged while watching TV, so I'm not too scared. I used to have this fear, every time I'd get burgled and couldn't afford a new axe for months, that this was "it." This would be the time I stopped and never started again.


This "Bright Size Life" project on anther site has got me playing a bit - but only Bright Size Life!


So that's it. Just another excuse for a thread really. This place has picked up a bit in the last month.


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